Dr Sameer 梅塔

Sameer 梅塔, DPT


前总书记康复/体育科学& Analytics

Sameer 梅塔博士有一个问题。他在HIGH SCHOOL负责监控的投手投掷太多了吗?还是太少了?不用猜测康复/运动科学总监Mehta博士&圣约翰学院高中的Analytics(分析)(棒球)与Motus合作,在每个球员身上都安装了motusTHROW传感器,该传感器跟踪他的高强度投掷次数。

一年’s worth of data later, 梅塔 not only had the answer to his original question, he was able to put together a groundbreaking study on the value of workload and throw count data. His paper was published and he later presented it at the prestigious American Sports Medicine Institute’s棒球课程中的损伤,运动医学的顶尖人才参加了培训。

梅塔’s work cemented the importance not only of throw count, but of workload monitoring. Building off the work of Dr. Tim Gabbett, 梅塔’s study showed that acute to chronic ratio (ACR) appears to limit injury and maintain effectiveness. Using the data he had collected from his high school team, 梅塔 showed that staying within a certain ACR range meant a massive reduction in injury risk.

梅塔’s work has helped push forward the latest software from Motus, which focuses on ACR and arm maintenance. 梅塔’s work has pushed forward as well. 梅塔 is currently working for the Orlando Magic of the NBA as a Physical Therapist.